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PREMIUM TIME :: A specialized vortal for premium travels, incentive travels, meetings, conferences and conventions

Available subcategories
1. alarms, portable alarms, security systems, piro, door chimes
2. leds indoor outdoor, light modules, sensor lights, no neon
3. torches, lanterns, led lights
4. lamps, fashion, motion, water desk lamps
5. novelties with electrical functions, solar items, led
6. ionizers, air cleaners, air fresheners, fans
7. batteries, rechargeable batteries, battery chargers, adapters
8. switchers, cables, plugs, testers, detectors

  button works like a shopping cart. You can add as many companies as you want (max 20 names per time) including providers, suppliers, etc. and send your message or RFP to all at one time. xx


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  Chener Battery Works Ltd Co.

  Hong Kong    Phone +852.23894314  - Hong Kong Sar
  Minamoto Battery Ltd

  Hong Kong    Phone +852.2793 4790  - Hong Kong Sar
  Techworld Industries Ltd

  Hong Kong    Phone +852.295-00922  - Hong Kong Sar
  Fully Battery Works Ltd

  Hong Kong    Phone +852.27562768  - Hong Kong Sar
  HI-Watt Battery Ind.Co.Ltd

  Hong Kong    Phone +852.23480111  - Hong Kong Sar
  Vico Industrial Limited

  Hong Kong    Phone +852.2319 5203  - Hong Kong Sar
  Renata SA

CH-4452  Itingen    Phone +41.61.97575 75  - Switzerland
  Vapex Technology Limited

  Hong Kong    Phone +852.27898737  - Hong Kong Sar
  PowerBase Ind. (HK) Ltd.

  Hong Kong    Phone +852.2773 9909  - Hong Kong Sar
 10  Minwa Electronics Co Ltd

  Hong Kong    Phone +852.2557 3245  - Hong Kong Sar

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